Recertification Link

Navigate to the following link for more information regarding the necessary measures needed to maintain a CPHQ® Credential.


Recertifying Your CPHQ®

The CPHQ®  credential validates a healthcare quality professional’s knowledge and demonstrates dedication to the field of healthcare quality. As recent events have demonstrated, the healthcare quality profession is rapidly evolving, so it is crucial that certificants maintain the skills and credibility gained through the CPHQ® by recertifying the credential.

Each recertification cycle lasts two years, beginning January 1 of the year following your initial certification. The cycle ends on December 31 of the second year. Recertification will open in early July.

The Recertification Handbook at lists the details, requirements, timelines, fees, ways to earn continuing education (CE), audit procedures, and the Retired status associated with the recertification process.