CPHQ® Credential


About the CPHQ® Credential

Quality and healthcare have changed dramatically since the discovery of the Coronavirus . The spotlight quickly shifted to the importance of healthcare quality and its impact on patient and employee safety. Healthcare professionals across Michigan stood up to lead their respective organizations and continue the charge. Many performance improvement techniques and tools being emphasized now are part of the The Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality® (CPHQ) content. Earning the CPHQ® credential provides a healthcare quality professional the additional tools and skills utilized in managing the evolving healthcare quality landscape.

The CPHQ® designation is the industry’s gold standard certification for healthcare quality. The accreditation fosters excellence and professionalism through measuring an individual’s performance against a predefined level of quality improvement knowledge. The CPHQ® credential is not limited to those with nursing degrees. Anyone who is working in, or who would like to work in Quality Improvement in any field or area of healthcare, recent graduate or senior students in nursing and allied health science career programs, and healthcare professionals changing career focus. For additional information about designation, please see the CPHQ® certification overview at NAHQ.


Why CPHQ®?

Many people ask this question as they look at what the designation can do for their careers. There are many benefits:

·         Demonstrate your competence in healthcare quality

·         Distinguish yourself from other healthcare quality professionals

·         Enhance your credibility

·         Demonstrate your dedication to the delivery of quality healthcare

·         Show your preparedness to improve outcomes across the continuum of care

·         The CPHQ® credential is more frequently preferred as a employment criteria for several positions in healthcare

·         More than 12,000 healthcare quality professionals across the world hold the CPHQ® credential


What elements does the CPHQ® credential incorporate?

Healthcare quality encompasses a broad umbrella of topics that relate to performance improvement, leadership, patient care and safety. The content outline lists several key areas of proficiency:


·         Strategic and operational roles in management, patient safety, and leadership.

·         Information management, including design and data collection, measurement and analytics, and communication.

·         Performance/quality measurement and improvement, including planning, implementation and evaluation, and training.