Become a Member

We offer 4 types of membership:

Active members are non-student members and are entitled to all membership privileges including the right to vote, hold office, and hold committee appointments. Annual Dues: $60.00 (renewable January of every year).
Students members must be currently and remain enrolled in a formal certificate or undergraduate /graduate/professional degree-granting academic program relevant to healthcare quality improvement/assurance, and/or any other disciplines or subdisciplines traditionally associated with the provision of healthcare. Individuals can be a Student member for up to four (4) years if all eligibility requirements are met. Student members have all membership privileges, including the right to vote and serve on committees with the approval of the MAHQ Board of Directors, but shall not be permitted to hold office, serve as an official member of the Board of Directors, or serve as the Chairperson of committees without specific voted approval. Annual Dues: $25.00 (renewable January of every year).
Any corporation, organization, or vendor interested in advancing the goals of MAHQ is eligible for Corporate/Organization membership. Corporate/ Organization members do not have the right to vote and hold office, but may designate a representative to serve on committees with the approval of the Board. Annual Dues: $500.00 (renewable January of every year).
Life members are those members who have been recognized by the Board of Directors as having rendered outstanding service to MAHQ, and have been appointed as life members. They have Active membership privileges and are exempt from paying dues.