About MAHQ

The Michigan Association for Healthcare Quality (MAHQ) is passionate about providing its members with all the essential tools needed to earn, and maintain the Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ) credential, along with developing professional skill sets that enable members to provide the highest quality healthcare within their specialty.


Quality Improvement practices reside in both clinical and nonclinical healthcare settings. It is important for professionals working in various healthcare disciplines to collaborate with one another in order to provide the highest quality care for all patients. MAHQ represents a full range of healthcare professionals in Michigan, including representatives from many disciplines such as Clinical Care, Risk Management/Prevention, Quality Improvement, Quality Assurance, Case Management, Public and Community Health, Utilization Management, Health Information Management, Health Information Technology, Patient Safety, Payor & Professional Relations, Leadership, Revenue Cycle Management, Compliance, Schools and Universities, and Regulatory Agencies. The opportunity for memebership is encouraged for individuals in any healthcare discipline. Becoming a MAHQ member means creating a lasting change for both patients and healthcare workplaces. MAHQ allows you to become a member of expertise in your specific field and educate the state of Michigan and other MAHQ members on how your practices have promoted quality assurance.


MAHQ is proud to provide industry relevant knowledge that is updated on a continuous basis to all of our members.  Key information areas focused on are: best practices, evidence-based care, value-based care, regulatory and legislative changes affecting healthcare, quality methodologies, technology advancement and innovations, trends and developments, career growth and development opportunities and current trends in the healthcare landscape.  Our goal is to support our members in staying up-to-date on the latest changes affecting healthcare quality. 




MAHQ is committed to improving the quality of healthcare in Michigan by supporting industry professionals.


MAHQ aims to be the premier resource supporting professionals in achieving healthcare quality excellence throughout Michigan.




MAHQ Pillars


MAHQ is an organization that welcomes and supports all members, respectfully hears diverse perspectives, and strives for every individual to feel a sense of value, respect, and belonging without judgment, bias, or stereotype. MAHQ promotes honesty, equity, and ethical conduct in all its endeavors. MAHQ is always mindful of the needs and rights of patients, and promotes quality healthcare for every unique individual that makes up our diverse and beautiful state.  This is the foundation of MAHQ’s commitment to support healthcare professionals in their efforts to continuously improve healthcare quality for all.



MAHQ encourages and embraces perspectives, philosophies, research, and strategies that challenge the status quo for healthcare delivery in a unique and different way to create lasting change, and accomplish better health outcomes for all.



MAHQ believes access to quality healthcare is a human right. It maintains that quality in healthcare does not exist fully without equity and equality in the provision of healthcare, driven by a foundation of inclusion, compassion, and respect for each other. MAHQ firmly believes that diversity is our strength, and the practice of intercultural competence and acceptance at MAHQ and in healthcare fosters understanding, and creates balance in the face of social and power differences. MAHQ will pursue deliberate efforts to ensure it is a place where every member feels a sense of belonging and inclusion, and is valued for the unique perspective they offer.



MAHQ advocates for healthcare quality improvement for all individuals. It provides education and other resources to its members to aid in quality improvement and assurance efforts among all healthcare professions and occupations, and across all treatment and care settings. The MAHQ commitment to assisting educators in preparing the next generation workforce to use improvement science in processes and methods in all dimensions of the industry can only lead to the development of better medicine, the provision of better care, and better outcomes for patients.  And to that same end, MAHQ will also strive to influence, positively affect, and reduce health disparities and inequities for marginalized or disenfranchised individuals and groups.



Quality improvement in healthcare must involve every facet and aspect of the industry.  It must be implemented in and go beyond clinical care because everything directly or indirectly affects patient care, patient experience, and trust in the healthcare system.  MAHQ includes and supports members of all healthcare backgrounds, disciplines, training, and experience, from students and faculty to the executive level.  All are welcome to integrate their ideas and expertise and improve the quality of healthcare together.  



The Michigan Association for Healthcare Quality (MAHQ) was established in 1974. Since that time, it has been committed to improving the delivery of quality healthcare by promoting the professional development of its members who work in healthcare roles or promote quality improvement, and educating the healthcare community-at-large about quality improvement methods and best practices. MAHQ is also committed to supporting the education and professional development of students from the medical, allied health science, HIM/CIS, and healthcare administration fields who will work in varying aspects of the delivery of quality care in their new careers across the healthcare spectrum. MAHQ strives to be the leader and the main source of expertise in healthcare quality improvement and assurance for Michigan.