Student Membership


Students members are required to be enrolled in a formal certificate, undergraduate, graduate, or professional academic healthcare program. The program must be related to healthcare quality, quality improvement or assurance, or any other disciplines traditionally associated with the field of healthcare.


Student membership dues are $25.00 for a full calendar year. Dues will renew on the first of January the following year.


Students have the ability to acquire a student membership for up to four years. Student members have the privilege to vote and serve on committees with the approval of the MAHQ Board of Directors. They are not permitted to hold office, serve as an official member of the MAHQ Board of Directors, or serve as the Chairperson of committees without voted approval.


There are a range of benefits to being a student member within MAHQ. These benefits include but are not limited to; exposure to careers in healthcare quality, education about interdisciplinary integration within different healthcare fields, support obtaining the Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality® credential, student member only education resources, leadership experience, improving project management skills, networking with other students and healthcare professionals throughout Michigan, and overall professional growth. Students are welcome and encouraged to attend free MAHQ education events and the MAHQ Annual Conference at a reduced fee. Student Concierge positions are also available for members who have volunteered on a committee or served as a Student Ambassador.


In addition to Student Concierge positions, student members may apply to serve as MAHQ Student Ambassadors to their respective academic institutions. Ambassador positions are limited and are selected by the MAHQ Board of Directors. Letters of recommendation may be given to students who perform admirably on Committees, Sub-Committees, task groups, or as Student Ambassadors.