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IMPAQTSM is an independent, peer-reviewed, digital journal created by, and distributed through the Michigan Association for Healthcare Quality (MAHQ). IMPAQTSM publishes original research and study articles, review articles, case studies, commentaries, editorials, and letters to the editor in the interdisciplinary areas focused on healthcare quality. The aim of  IMPAQTSM is to publish original research, practice advances, and information relevant to clinical and healthcare decision leaders and policy makers as they work to promote the advancement and transformation of patient care to improve healthcare outcomes. 


IMPAQTSM seeks articles that assist healthcare quality professionals in improving their performance through the application of content in their respective work settings. The content published in IMPAQTSM focuses on, but is not limited to, topics associated with: 
  • Leadership and Management 
  • Performance Measurement and Improvement 
  • Patient Safety 
  • Risk Management 
  • Care Delivery Innovations and Improvement 
  • Policy, Program, Protocol, and Documentation Development and Improvement 
  • Interdisciplinary Quality Management and Performance Improvement 
  • Area or Discipline-Specific Quality Improvement Initiatives 
  • Healthcare Research  
  • Information Management/Informatics 
  • Data Analytics 
  • Population Health 
  • Public Policy and Government Affairs 
  • Accreditation Readiness 
  • Compliance as it Contributes to Quality Improvement 
  • Other Quality-Related Topics Will Be Considered 


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