Student Academia Outreach Program


The Student Academia Outreach Program was created to connect students studying healthcare disciplines at various universities with working healthcare professionals.  MAHQ has created a Speakers Bureau to provide professionals employed in a wide variety of different healthcare based careers to speak with MAHQ student members. Presentations can cover various topics including, but not limited to; quality concepts, principles, methods, healthcare based career paths, current healthcare hot topics, and interoperability. This program also assists academic institutions attempting to secure more healthcare quality internships and externships, as well as, mentorships for students from any related healthcare discipline.


MAHQ aims to provide low cost student memberships, costing just $25.00 per calendar year. This offers students the ability to take part in a professional organization, have access to additional resources, professional project experience, networking opportunities, and serve in leadership roles.  MAHQ is a relevant healthcare organization in Michigan for all students in academica healthcare programs.


Students who become members of MAHQ, are eligible to work on Committees that aid in the expansion and administration of the Student Academia Outreach Program, among many other opportunities. The MAHQ Board of Directors, along with with the Education, Advocacy, and Communications Committee members will work closely with these students to provide additional professional guidance and organizational training. MAHQ leadership personnel will foster a personal mentorship, teaching the students to work collegially and collaboratively on teams, similar to those in current healthcare fields.


Student members may apply, and if selected, serve as MAHQ Student Ambassadors to their academic institutions. Student members are welcome and encouraged to attend our free education events, and the MAHQ Annual Conference for a significantly reduced fee.  The students serving as ambassadors may also have the opportunity to serve as a Student Concierge for the Annual MAHQ Conference.


MAHQ continuously adds to and updates various education and training resources specific to student members. These materials are collected, created, and curated by several members of the MAHQ Board of Directors, who have taught and currently teach in a multitude of healthcare fields. These board members also teach at professional conferences throughout Michigan and at the National level. MAHQ is passionate about bringing awareness to students regarding any professional accreditation or certification exams they may take in addition to their chosen field. The prestigious Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality® (CPHQ) credential is available for all aspiring and current healthcare professionals interested in the improvement of patient care and quality measures in healthcare practice. This credential does not require any prior work experience in healthcare to sit for the exam.  It is a rigorous program of study; however, readiness assessments, prep courses, and study aids are available from the sponsoring and accrediting organization, National Association for Healthcare Quality.  MAHQ promotes the CPHQ® credential as an ancillary credential to any other for which the student has been prepared academically.