Student Ambassador Program




For the investment of time, dedication, and professionalism, Student Ambassadors will be given the opportunity to work alongside current healthcare quality professionals, receive a Training Manual with the MAHQ Code of Conduct, tips, guidelines and advice for engaging with prospective student members, and receive the opportunity to work on projects that are meaningful to you and your career path, including the opportunity to suggest, initiate, and lead approved projects.


Student Ambassadors will receive a legal guide to help with the transition from student to healthcare quality professional, have the opportunity to network with, and be mentored by healthcare quality professionals, and potential future employers, receive a certificate of achievement from the MAHQ Board of DIrectors recognizing your dedication and commitment to MAHQ, and letters of recommendation, where appropriate, from Committee Chairpersons with whom you worked.


Student Ambassadors can benefit from personal growth in the areas of quality improvement methods and best practices, interpersonal communication skills, project management skills, leadership skills, and professionalism, and have the opportunity to create work products you can show potential employers, and professional achievements that can be listed on your resume.



Student Ambassadors must be currently enrolled in an academic program of study related to healthcare and/or medicine, healthcare administration, dentistry, pharmacy, or health law, with successful completion of at least one semester. All Student Ambassadors must have a current GPA of 3.0 or higher, be a student member of MAHQ, have a letter of recommendation from the student’s academic Program Director or Dean, must be ready, willing, and able to take on the duties of a Student Ambassador (as stated below), and be prepared to work as a professional member of the assigned MAHQ committee(s). All Student Ambassadors serve a minimum two-year term (exceptions may be made for a shorter term, but in no case less than a year, to accommodate undergraduate seniors, graduate students, and professional students).



  • Actively participate as a Student Ambassador for the length of the designated term of service.


  • Comply strictly with the MAHQ Code of Conduct and Student Ambassador's duties and responsibilities, as well as adhere to the applicable academic institution’s Code of Student Conduct, campus and MAHQ rules, regulations, and requirements, and all applicable laws.


  • Act as a liaison between MAHQ and the administration, faculty, and students of the academic institution you attend.


  • Serve as a conduit for MAHQ quality improvement information and educational opportunities to program directors and individual course professors at the academic institution you attend.


  • Serve as a resource person for various school programs’ student organizations, and coordinate requests from student organizations and professors for MAHQ speakers or personnel to appear at school events or class sessions.


  • Monitor and transmit the needs and/or suggestions of MAHQ student members on your campus to appropriate MAHQ Committees or the MAHQ Board of Directors.


  • Serve as a resource for students regarding MAHQ as an organization about healthcare quality improvement in the spectrum of fields as a career path, and information about the Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality® (CPHQ) credential.


  • Serve on the MAHQ Education Committee. You may apply to serve on other MAHQ Committees/Subcommittees as well (academic workload, grades, employment, and other commitments are taken into consideration upon review of applications for additional Committee appointments).