Membership Benefits

MAHQ is a relevant professional healthcare organization for individuals of any discipline or field related to healthcare delivery, leadership, management, or payment.



Active Individual Membership Benefits:

  • Advance your career by earning the Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality® (CPHQ) credential

  • Be the first to hear about the Annual MAHQ Education Conference, participate in cutting-edge learning sessions, take home valuable resources, and earn CME/CE units. 

  • Help MAHQ continue to advance the work of healthcare quality professionals, and educate individuals, organizations, governments, and public entities by working on Committees and Subcommittees.

  • Serve MAHQ and your colleagues by running for a position on the MAHQ Board of Directors, or on a Committee or Sub-committee. See the Volunteer page for more information.

  • Access to IMPAQT: The Journal of the Michigan Association for Healthcare Quality, a peer-reviewed academic research Journal launching Fall 2020! 

  • If you choose, you can contribute your expertise to the MAHQ membership community by publishing an article in IMPAQT: The Journal of the Michigan Association for Healthcare Quality, by recording a webinar on your area of expertise, or by serving as a Subject Matter Expert on various other projects. See the Publications page for more information. 

  • If you choose, you can contribute your expertise to the student and working healthcare communities by serving as a speaker in the Speakers Bureau, or by mentoring or training a student member. 

  • Access member-only webinars and recorded training videos on-demand.

  • Access an ever-increasing and changing collection of member-only resources in areas such as, quality, patient-safety, business, leadership, Health Information Management, health law, Nursing and more for industry professionals.

  • Membership in MAHQ shows you are committed to continuing your professional education and improving healthcare quality in your chosen field.

  • Network with your professional colleagues employed in a wide variety of healthcare quality roles.

  • Learn about new career opportunities and pathways within healthcare quality.

  • Improve your resume and career path as a result of any and all of the above!


Student Membership Benefits:

  • Access to information and self-assessments about readiness to pursue the prestigious Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality® (CPHQ) credential.

  • Learn about careers in healthcare quality in your chosen field.

  • Access to education and training resources just for Student Members that are in addition to the resources available to members already working in healthcare quality improvement/assurance.

  • If selected, Student Members are eligible to work on full MAHQ Committees and Subcommittees

  • Letters of recommendation may be available for students who perform admirably on Committees/Subcommittees/task groups, or as Student Ambassadors.

  • Student Members may apply and, if selected, serve as MAHQ Student Ambassadors to their academic institutions (limited positions available). 

  • Student Members who have worked on Committees/Subcommittees or as Student Ambassadors may apply and, if selected, serve as Student Concierges at the MAHQ Annual Conference, attending the full conference for free. 

  • Student Members are welcome, and encouraged, to attend our education events, and the MAHQ Annual Conference for a significantly reduced fee.

  • MAHQ is a relevant organization for students of any discipline or program related to healthcare delivery.

  • Membership in a state-wide professional organization shows you are committed to working in healthcare, continued education, and improving quality in your chosen field, even before you start your career.

  • Quality improvement and assurance is relevant to any and every field related to the provision of healthcare services.

  • Network with professionals from a wide variety of healthcare fields working in healthcare quality improvement/assurance.

  • Annual Student Membership fee of only $25.00 (January to December) – makes a great Holiday or New Year gift from family or friends!