Volunteer Leadership


Marketing Strategist

Tyler Graver

Tyler Graver is a MAHQ Marketing Strategist. The Marketing Strategist focuses on helping MAHQ with branding, outreach, and increasing membership. The Marketing Strategist also helps MAHQ get recognized for our efforts in improving quality of healthcare in Michigan. 

Social Media Project Volunteer

Neelam Sharma

Neelam Sharma contributes to the MAHQ Communications committee as a Social Media Project volunteer. The Social Media Project volunteers focus on helping MAHQ with virtual outreach on social media and providing educational content to members. 



Communications Team Member

Jessica Fuller

Jessica Fuller contributes to the MAHQ Communications Committee as a Communications team member. Communications Team Members work closely with the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Communications committee to keep members engaged and informed through various means of communication. 

Communications Team Member

Raquel Sparkman, MPA 

Raquel Sparkman serves as the current Vice-Chairperson of the Communications Committee. Raquel helps the organization with social media content and administrative duties within the Communications Committee.